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May we decorate the day before?
YES! This is one of the biggest advantages to having your event at The Metropolitan Room because The Metropolitan Collection allows you to decorate at your convenience - even the day before your event!
Do you have on-site parking?
YES! We have a four-story covered parking garage that is free to you and your guests. We also can provide VIP parking passes for your special guests allowing them to park on the ground floor of the parking garage. Personnel are also provided to direct your guests to the covered parking decks.
Do you set up the tables and chairs?
YES! Our Event Director will provide a layout of the room based on your specifications and we will set up your guest tables and chairs, as well as all presentation tables for the food and event-specific items like cake, gifts, etc.
How many people can your accommodate?
Depending on the number of guests per table

  • The Metropolitan Room can seat up to 400 - much more for an hors d'oeuvres reception or dance.

  • The Fountain Room can seat up to 70 people.

  • The Green Room can seat up to 50 people.

Do you charge if we bring in our own outside caterer?
NO! Not at all!
Do you have any audio or video equipment?
YES! We have a screen that can be raised or lowered with ease, as well as a ceiling mounted projector with access for your laptop. We also have an extensive sound system with 8 Bose speakers and wireless microphone, as well as WiFi. This is included with many packages.
Is there a bar?
Yes, it's one of the most unique features of The Metropolitan Room because it's located in the old bank vault. It is decorated with vibrant colors and features the old safe deposit boxes!
What is the deposit and when can we pay for everything?
A minimum deposit of $500.00 is required to secure the venue.
Do you have a kitchen?
YES! And it is located directly off the main ballroom for easy access.


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